Here's what you get ...

  • Video practice test with 60 ACT Math Problems
  • Video Solutions, right after you work each problem
  • Formula Pages: Coordinate Geometry, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry
  • 1-Minute Problem Timer to help you practice your pacing
  • Math tips for working other ACT problems
  • See below for preview problems and a FREE formula page

About the ACT Math Prep

Full-length Video Practice Test with 60 Typical ACT Math Problems

The problems are arranged from easiest to hardest, just like the ACT Math Section. Here's a sample EASY, MEDIUM and HARD problem:

Easy-level ACT Math Problem Medium-level ACT Math Problem Hard-level ACT Math Problem


Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry & Trig

Included: Three ACT Math Formula Pages

We created these formula pages by studying all the past ACT Math tests we could get our hands on. Every item on these cheatsheets showed up on one or more past ACT Math Tests. All three formula pages are included in The ACT Math Test Made Easy.

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Here's an ACT-Style Trig Problem

You can expect to see four Trig problems on the ACT Math Test. These are usually considered harder problems so they tend to show up later on the test. Try this typical trig problem. 

ACT Math Trig Problem  

Need a quick review of Trig function definitions? This video goes over definitions of the Trig functions (sine, cosine, tangent), right after the problem solution.

A full set of trig concepts covered on the ACT can be found on the trig formula page (included when you enroll for the practice test).


Dr. Hubing

Your instructor

Your teacher for this program has taught math and engineering for many years. She achieved a perfect ACT Math score back when she took the test. Her explanations and problem-solving strategies are clear and concise, without a lot of unnecessary background information. The goal of this program is to help you understand exactly what it takes to score well on the ACT Math Section.