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ACT Math Formula Pages

Quickly review for the ACT Math Test with a set of three "cheat sheets."

  • Created specifically for the ACT Math Section (based on past tests)
  • Includes Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, and Trigonometry
  • For a limited time, download one of these pages for free (see below)

Immediate download of all three ACT Math Formula Pages for $9

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Here's a look at one of these formula pages (FREE):

Plane Geometry Formula Page

Use the button above to download the full set (Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, and Trigonometry).

You'll need the (free) Adobe Reader to view and print the three formula pages. Each pdf file should print as a single page (if you have trouble with the edges cutting off, look for a "shrink to fit" option for your printer).

Video Practice Test

60 problems with with complete video solutions

Test problem