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This site provides free and low-cost resources to help you quickly prepare for the Math Section of the ACT.

Did you know that the same types of problems show up again and again on the ACT Math Test? You can take advantage of this fact to improve your ACT Math score. Our video practice test is packed with typical ACT Math problems, and the three ACT Math formula pages contain equations that you're most likely to need on the test. Be sure to check out our free Plane Geometry formula page (there are 14 Plane Geometry problems on the ACT) and the free practice problems below.

ACT Math Formula Pages ($9) first page free

These one-page "cheat sheets" contain ACT Math equations beyond Algebra, including Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry.  For a limited time, we're offering the Plane Geometry formula page for free.

ACT Math Video Practice Test ($14)

This guided video practice test contains 60 ACT math problems, a one-minute problem timer, and step-by-step solutions. These problems help you improve your pacing as you master 60 of the most commonly-appearing types of ACT Math problems. Includes a combination of easy, medium and hard-level problems, just as you'll see on the actual test.

ACT Math Video Practice Problems (free)

These typical ACT Math problems with a built-in one minute timer to give you a chance to try the problem before viewing the solution. These problems are in the same format as the full-length video practice test.

Working with a one-minute timer is a great way to prepare for the ACT Math test, since the average time per problem on this test is one minute. Right after you try one of these problems, a math teacher explains the solution. Seeing and hearing the solution immediately increases the likelihood that you'll remember how to work a similar problem on test day.

The full-length practice test includes 60 video practice problems in the same format as the free problems. If you are serious about improving your ACT Math score, work through these 60 problems to perfect your pacing and master the most common types of ACT questions.

ACT Math Study Guide (free)

This study guide provides a 6-step strategy for preparing for the ACT Math test. Follow this approach to make sure you've covered all the bases for improving your ACT Math score.

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Free Practice Problems

Try these video practice problems for the ACT Math Test.

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