Online ACT Math Prep: Guided Video Practice Test

How were the 60 math practice problems in the guided practice test chosen?

We analyzed the content of as many past ACT Math tests as we could get our hands on, and created the 60 problems in this program to reflect the most likely types of problems. We created answer choices that reflect typical wrong answers, just like you'll see on the actual test.

How are the solutions presented?

The solution to each problem includes audio and video, and is similar to what you’d experience in a classroom when your teacher goes over the solution to a test problem. We include tips and tricks to help you save time on the actual test. The MathOnTime examples posted on YouTube are similar to the problems in the course.

How long does each problem take?

It takes about 5 minutes to complete one problem (60 seconds working the problem and 4 or 5 minutes for the solution, math, and tips).

Do I have to sit through the whole 60-second timer if I work a problem in less than a minute?

No. In the old version you can jump to the solution with a menu. In the new version the solution location displays while the timer is counting down, so you can slide the video position to the solution as soon as you finish the problem (provided the video has loaded to that point).

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ACT Math Formula Pages (included with The ACT Math Test Made Easy)

How were these formula pages created?

We collected all equations used in several past ACT Math tests on problems in Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry. The equations we found are included on these three formula pages, along with tips & examples on how to use the equations on the test.

Will I need any additional math equations on my ACT?

Yes! You will likely need many of these equations on your ACT, but you'll also see problems that require one or more equations that are not included. Keep in mind that the ACT Math Section includes problems in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, and Trigonometry. Our formula pages cover just the last three topics.

About MathOnTime

MathOnTime presents a fast way for busy people to prepare for the mathematics portion of standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT. It is also useful for students wishing to review math concepts in preparation for first-year college math classes.

The MathOnTime Method of ACT Prep

The MathOnTime method takes advantage of current research on learning and memory. It turns out that one of the best ways to learn something is to try it, make a mistake, and immediately correct the mistake. The MathOnTime ACT Math Prep course takes advantage of this fact by guiding you through the solution immediately after you attempt a practice problem. Thus the solution comes at a time when your brain is focused in exactly the right place.

How a "60-Second Focus" can help you master ACT Math Problems

Our video practice test challenges you to work a math practice problem with a 60-second timer. This 60-second focus helps you practice two critical skills: working under pressure and pacing yourself for the actual ACT Math test, which consists of 60 problems in 60 minutes. Focusing on a problem for 60 seconds will bring you to an ideal state for learning, so the solution to the problem is much more likely to be remembered.

By focusing for one minute and then carefully following the solution, you can master a typical ACT Math problem in just a few minutes!

Created by a mathematics & engineering educator and The ACT Math Test Made Easy were created by a mathematics and engineering educator with 20 years teaching experience, numerous outstanding teaching awards, and a perfect 36 on the math section of the ACT.